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Kid's Nunchuck Soft Foam

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This nunchuck stick is covered with high-quality sponge foam and is connected with a nylon cord. This kind of tool is perfect for those who are new to nunchuck martial arts. The sponge foam will make your grip more comfortable during the training. Your body parts like your face, neck, armpit, ears, back, and crotch will thank you for choosing a softer kind of stick. Some of the nunchuck weapons use a chain to connect the two sticks. But with this, it uses a thick nylon cord and it doesn’t break easily unlike the chain ones. Because of this, you can concentrate more on the training and not worry about getting hit by this weapon.

Commonly used in Okinawan Kobudo as a striking weapon, the nunchaku was famously used by Bruce Lee in modern films and television. Due to the flexibility of the design of nunchaku, the speed martial artists can create from this weapon create fast and destructive demonstrations.

This foam version of the nunchaku is suitable for kids aged 5 - 10. 

  • Made with high-quality material
  • Used in martial arts training
  • More comfortable to use than wood or metal